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Mental Health Parity

Your Mental Health Coverage Is Just As Important As Your Physical Health Coverage

What Is Mental Health Parity?

Parity laws are federal and state laws that remove limits imposed by health insurers on mental health benefits that are more restrictive than those imposed on medical and surgical benefits. Illinois requires insurers to cover mental health and substance use disorder treatments the same as medical and surgical treatments.

In Illinois, that means whether you need surgery for a broken arm or treatment for depression, you’re covered.

Meet Yarney, our mental health parity ambassador, to learn more about how parity relates to your health coverage.

When It Comes To Mental Health Coverage, It's Important To Know Your Rights

  • Learn the laws that protect you when using your health insurance coverage for mental health care and substance use disorder treatment
  • Never hesitate to contact your insurer for assistance or information on your coverage
  • Learn how to file a complaint and how to file an external review with the Illinois Department of Insurance (IDOI)


For questions related to mental health and substance use disorder parity laws, contact the Office of Consumer Health Insurance (OCHI). OCHI can answer questions about your current health insurance plan, explain policies and policyholder rights, and provide guidance on how to file complaints and file external reviews. Go to How to File a Complaint, How to File an External Review or call 877-527-9431.